HAUSCR strives to promote the exchange of ideas and opportunities between the students of Harvard College and the people of China. However to accomplish these goals HAUSCR depends on the generous donations of sponsors. With their aid, HSYLC has united Chinese high school students and Harvard undergraduates in a life-changing educational conference. Moreover, their support also allows HAUSCR to provide the necessary financial aid to allow the best Chinese high school students to attend HSYLC, regardless of their family background.

In recognition of their generosity, HAUSCR sponsors enjoy numerous benefits. In addition to the satisfaction of supporting one of the most dynamic Harvard student organizations’ mission of promoting US-China relations, HAUSCR sponsors also enjoy publicity benefits. For example, as HSYLC 2006 sponsors, both Goldman Sachs Foundation and American Airlines’ logos were prominently displayed on HSYLC 2006 materials. In particular, they were recognized as official HAUSCR sponsors during the HSYLC 2006 press conference, attended by 45 journalists, in Shanghai.

Whether you are someone who shares the goals of HSYLC or someone who believes in promoting US-China relations, we hope you will support our mission. Thank you for your support!

China AMC

Established on April 9, 1998, China Asset Management Co., Ltd. (ChinaAMC) is one of the first nation-wide fund management companies approved by China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC). With headquarter locates in Beijing, ChinaAMC has branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Chengdu, and a subsidiary in Hong Kong. ChinaAMC devotes to providing qualified investment products and services to investors on the basis of professional and prudent investment and research.

Goldman Sachs

The Goldman Sachs Foundation strives “to promote excellence and innovation in education and to improve the academic performance and lifelong productivity of young people worldwide.” Supported by one of the world’s largest investment banks, the Foundation has provided opportunities for young people in more than 20 countries. In 2005, the Foundation funded more than 47 programs worldwide.

The Goldman Sachs Foundation was the main sponsor of HSYLC 2006, providing extensive human capital as well as financial support for HAUSCR. The generosity of the Foundation provided financial aid opportunities such that students of all backgrounds could enroll in HSYLC 2006.

American Airlines

American Airlines is the world’s largest airline in total passengers-miles transported. Headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, American Airlines serves 157 cities with a fleet of 672 aircraft. American Airlines currently serves a direct route from Chicago to Shanghai, and seeks to increase the number of flights from the United States to China.

American Airlines was the airline sponsor of HSYLC 2006, the pilot year of the flagship program of HAUSCR. American Airlines’ support made it possible for HAUSCR to transport student leaders as well as distinguished speakers to the summit.