HWEEKER Spotlights

Meet some 2017 HWeek Students!


Feng Yuang

I come from Beijing China. I have lots of hobbies, including table tennis, rap music, computer games, and solving math and physics problems. I am highly interested in computer science. I think some famous hackers are very cool. Also, I like to study beautiful proof in math and physics. I love to discover interesting problems in the real world and solve them with mathematical or physical tools, and I usually discuss my thoughts with my teachers and classmates. My favourite rapper is Eminem, I like to listen to his songs(monster,rap god etc.). I think he is the best rapper in the world. My goal for HWeek is to experience life in the world top university, discuss about math and physics with experts, and make new friends!



HE yI wEi

I come from Jingjiang, Jiangsu, a  small city near the Yangzi river. I am very fond of environmental protection in the way that I am deeply interested in developing a zero-carbon city for the future. I have participated in a project about sustainable development in my school, which inspired my interests in environmental studies. In my spare time, I love arts and photography. I enjoy the process of painting, which teaches me how to constantly innovate. With my interests in arts and design, in 2015 I set up a publishing club at school where we publish magazines and posters at school. I am very proud of this club and my team. What attracts me to Harvard is to build a close connection between me and the Harvard students. Through such interaction, I would like to explore my potential and set a goal for myself.


YAng jiA xI

My name is Jessie Yang. I’m currently a senior in Shanghai High School. My favorite subject is English, and I plan to further my study in the U.S. next year. I’m also super interested in math and science because my father is an engineer and always encourages me to study STEM. For hobbies, I love playing volleyball. As the captain of my class’s volleyball team, I organize the practice every week and led my team to the championship in my school’s volleyball tournament last year. It feels good to cooperate with my friends and to win the game! I visited Harvard six years ago and really treasure this opportunity to explore more about the college life there. Also, I’ll take advantage of the huge academic opportunities to interact with the most prestigious professors in the world. I’ve read Professor Mankiw’s the Principles of Economics in my AP Economics class, so I’m very excited to meet him in person during HWeek!


WU hAo chUn

I come from Shanghai and I am interested in studying Mathematics and Economics. I am eager to learn how a company responds to different business opportunities and how governments deal with deflationary and inflationary gaps. Besides, I am extremely passionate about automotive. In my spare time, I always watch a British TV show called "Top Gear" that test drives a lot of cool cars. The show inspires me to write my own novel about car racing and develop my career goal in the future: create my own car racing game. The most important goal I want to achieve at HWeek is to experience what studying at a US college feels like. During HSYLC, seminar leaders' description of Harvard really motivated me to apply to Harvard. As a senior applying for colleges right now, I want to experience the curriculum and campus life at Harvard to better prepare myself. I am looking forward to reuniting with my seminar leaders from HSYLC at Harvard because I really miss them.


ZhAng chEn yUn

I come from Shanghai. My academic interests are social issues and the logic behind them. Unlike my parents who are the active participants in the equity investment market, I've been deeply fascinated and bewildered by those things happening in the daily lives. Usually a trivial issue could be a turning point of someone's life and the community, and I want to find the relationship among these issues and the reasons behind them. My hobbies are music and sports, both of which are ideal ways to relax my body and mind. I regard HWeek as an ideal opportunity for high school students like me to experience the authentic college life in the top U.S. university. I'm eager to meet the elite students and professors, from whom I will gain invaluable knowledge and perspectives. I believe that my experience during HWeek would be a lifelong memory for me!