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3 CITIES. 100 seminars. 1300 students served each year.

HAUSCR summit for young leaders in china (HSYLC)


HSYLC is run by the Harvard College Association for U.S.-China Relations, an officially recognized student organization at Harvard College

Founded in 2006, HAUSCR’s flagship program HSYLC is a nine-day conference that brings the liberal arts experience to Chinese high school students of all backgrounds. The program runs concurrently in three parallel sites in Beijing, Shanghai, and Hangzhou, and brings together more than 1300 students, staff, and seminar leaders each year. The conference is Harvard's largest program in China and many alumni have gone on to matriculate at Harvard.


bringing liberal arts to chinese high schools


Each HSYLC conference recruits around 30 Harvard undergraduates to create and teach a curriculum of their choice to Chinese high school students. Thousands of diverse applicants from over 600 high schools around the country apply to participate in this unique academic and cultural experience every year. HSYLC has long received extensive media attention throughout China for its mission of fostering “leadership, scholarship, citizenship and entrepreneurship” in students of both countries through a combination of education, advocacy, and cultural conversation.

HSYLC aims to gather potential Chinese leaders and give them an environment in which they are challenged in every way possible, through seminars, team building missions, and interactions with other students and Harvard undergraduates.  HSYLC also invites prominent figures in the US and China to speak with students. Past speakers include Larry Summers, Yao Ming, Jack Ma, and Jet Li.

HAUSCR is able to institute a need-blind admissions process for Chinese high school students and offer full financial assistance to many HSYLCers.



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