XWEEKER Spotlights

Meet some of our 2017 XWeek Students!


ZhAng lIn

My name is Lin Zhang and I’m an IBDP-2 student from a small town in Southern China--Shunde. I am interested in arts and humanity, specifically history, media, and performing arts. Studying history helps me to develop robust thinking skills as history interlinks with other discipline areas as well. Historical development is one of the fundamental factors in understanding other subject areas, which has inspired me to explore various fields. Besides, I love dancing and it has already become part of my life. More than just a hobby, dancing inspired me to explore further in the area of media. XWeek enables me to experience the liberal arts education as well as college life, and I will have a clearer goal for my college application. Also, I am excited about exchanging ideas with my mentor and hopefully shaping my perspective towards future life.


PEng yU chAng

My name is Young and I am from Shanghai. I grew up in a family of three. My father is an engineer. He works in the television station. I learned how the TV programs are made and aired on TV from my father’s work. It’s a really awesome job! My mother is an architect. She participated in the design and construction of the Pudong International airport in Shanghai. Soon in the future I will fly from the airport that my mother designed to come to America. Among all the subjects, I love Physics the best. It's a very useful subject and requires a lot of logical thinking. We can solve real-life issues by applying the physical principles we learned. Doing physics project is the most interesting thing for me. I see X-Week is as a precious opportunity for me. I hope to improve my academic ability as well as to make friends through the program.



WAng yI qI

My name is Yiqi Wang and I have been learning dancing for more than 3 years. I am in a dance club and participate the dance training once a week. I have tried many kinds of dance, such as Jazz, folk, hip-hop. Among them, I love hip-hop mostly and practice it a lot. Dance makes me become much more confident.  Once I heard exciting music, I would dance with the rhythm naturally, then, I became relaxed and followed my heart. In China, high school students have few opportunities to experience life in these top universities in the United States. Students who had attended this program have the same opinion that H/X-WEEK gives them a taste of good authentic college life. So, I have the confidence that I will make a lot of friends and have a wonderful experience at XWeek.