A research-driven harvard immersion program for top chinese high-school students

Dean’s List


Dean’s List traces its origins to the annual top high school principals’ forum, where top educational leaders gather to discuss frontier education opportunities and practices. Dean’s List rose to meet the demand from top high schools in creating enriching, meaningful, and impactful academic and cultural experiences for the most talented Chinese students. Since installment, Dean’s List has continuously provided rigorous programming for its attendees and allowed hundreds of students to engage in cross-cultural dialogues while reflecting and developing their own world-views and perspectives. Dean’s List prides itself in encouraging students to think deeply and meaningfully about their roles as global citizens of society and their places in the 21st century. Alumni of Dean’s List have gone on to attend prestigious institutions in China and abroad, continuing Dean’s List’s tradition of excellence.

Dean’s List is run by the Harvard College Association for U.S.-China Relations, an officially recognized student organization at Harvard College.


Driving intellectual and cultural exchange


By immersing the students in Harvard classes, Dean’s List provides Chinese high school students with deeper knowledge of how American liberal arts are similar and different from their own educational experiences. Throughout the program, students are also introduced to research methods and resources as they complete a small-scale research project of their own, many of them for the first time.


In addition, the students participate in cultural exchange events with Harvard student groups to form a more complete understanding of the diversity of American college campuses. HAUSCR also facilitates intimate professor discussions with Deans Listers, exposing students to new insights and various perspectives on relevant social, cultural, and economic issues.


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