A Harvard immersion for top HSYLC Students

HWeek and XWEEK


HWeek brings in the top students at our flagship conference HSYLC and immerses them in Harvard life for a week. HWeekers have the opportunity to experience the full array of Harvard activities, from lectures and professor discussions to student organizations and performances. HWeek builds on the bonds formed in HSYLC and advances cross cultural exchange between Chinese and U.S. students. XWeek, a sister program to HWeek, was founded in 2016 and brings students not only to Harvard but also to Yale and MIT.

HWeek and XWeek are run by the Harvard College Association for U.S.-China Relations, an officially recognized student organization at Harvard College


Driving a cultural exchange


By immersing the Chinese students in Harvard classes, HWeek provides the students with deeper knowledge of American higher education and academic culture. During HWeek, many classes at Harvard open themselves to HWeek students , including those led by world-renowned professors like Gregory Mankiw, Michael Sandel, and Steven Pinker. Through attending classes of their interests, the students achieve an understanding of how American liberal arts are similar and different from their own educational experiences.


In addition, the Chinese students participate in cultural exchange events with Harvard student groups to form a more complete understanding of the diversity of American college campuses. HAUSCR also facilitates private professor discussions with groups of HWeekers. Through in-depth discussions and talks, the students will be exposed to new insights and various perspectives on relevant social, cultural, and economic issues.


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